1) There’s no way around doing cardio when you’re a competitor. And I loathe cardio.

2) If you’re thinking of competing in the NPC, do your homework. You‘ll be investing a big portion of your life in that goal, so it pays to learn about the sport to gain an edge.

3) I started weight training at 16 years old because I wasn’t good at sports. Weightlifting allowed me to pursue my athletic side.

4) A common misconception people outside of the fitness industry have about bikini competitors is that we all stay lean by eating a lettuce-only diet.

5) I’m inspired to achieve success because nothing in my life has ever been handed to me.

6) The squat and deadlift are still my fundamental compounds for hypertrophy. But these days, I incorporate more specific isolation movements as well.

7) The mental aspect of competing is the main component often overlooked by newcomers.

8) My go-to cheat meal is a six ounce Angus burger with cheddar cheese, mayo, ketchup, onion, tomato, lettuce, and sweet potato fries. Oh, and two Boston cream pie doughnuts. That’s all.

9) I nearly gave up competing after the 2014 Bikini Olympia. My mind changed when I looked at my pictures. Afterward, I was hungry to make improvements for 2015.

10) Three common questions newbies ask me: 1) When will I see results? 2) What do I eat? 3) Will I get too muscular?

11) When it's time to transition to competition mode, I fire myself up by looking at previous competition pictures and noting the areas that need improvement.