Johnnie O on track for Europa after competing in powerlifting meet

July 3, 2008

Written By Julian Schmidt

Johnnie Jackson, well known as one of the world’s strongest pound-for-pound bodybuilders, put that moniker to the test last month when he decided to return to the powerlifting arena, albeit temporarily.

“I did a meet on Sunday, June 29th, and my lifts didn’t go as I’d planned,” Jackson said. “I completed them, but the little things got me,” he explains. “On my bench press, I was red-lighted on my second attempt for moving my foot a little bit; and on my third attempt, I locked out my right arm before I locked out my left arm, so they red-lighted me for that.

“On my deadlift, I got my first attempt easily and broke the USPF world record. That one was 768 lbs., which is less than I normally do, but it was my opener. My second lift was 821, but they said I didn’t lock out my hips all the way, so they red-lighted me on that, too. I thought I did fine, but that’s the way it goes. My third attempt I didn’t get.”

Despite rumors to the contrary, Jackson made it through the meet unscathed and is on track to compete at the Europa Super Show on August 15-16. “Injured? Na, I’m fine. I don’t know where they got that idea. This morning (Wednesday, July 2nd), I did cardio, in prep for the Europa. I’m ready for that one. But I also love powerlifting, and I’ll compete in this same meet about the same time next year.”