IFBB Pro Victor Martinez won the 2013 Toronto Pro Supershow. About 15lbs lighter than his average competition weight, Martinez is still working his way back up to fighting weight after a prolonged layoff.

Expected to sweep the 2013 New York Pro, Martinez was sideswiped by a truck named Big Ramy. Nevertheless, the professional Victor Martinez picked himself up, dusted himself off and prepared for the 2013 Toronto Pro.

Giving Martinez a run for his money – and taking second place – was IFBB Pro Fouad Abiad. Abiad is an individual that marches to his own tune, and by doing so, he sets an excellent example for amateur bodybuilders to follow. Abiad experimented with running his own prep for the 2013 Arnold Classic. Notably it didn't workout to his liking but he learned from his mistakes and made those lessons count here in Toronto. Abiad was shredded, conditioned and on the money but he could not compete with the classic Martinez aesthetics that almost won him the Olympia several years ago.

Rounding out the top three was Jon Delarosa, who has made a huge improvement this year. Delarosa looks bigger, polished, conditioned and professional. Give this man a few more years and he will be walking away with a multitude of wins.

Frank McGrath took 4th with his trademark conditioning. He brought to the show a huge upper body that's vascular and tapers down to small waist, but it also highlights the slight deficiency in his legs. Given a bit more time, and the Wrath will no longer have that issue!

In 5th, Moe Bannout stepped up and took out the more conditioned Clarence DeVis. Had Clarence not sacrificed size for conditioning, Bannout and DeVis could easily have swapped places.

Congratulations to all the professional bodybuilders and special congratulations to IFBB Pro Victor Martinez who is now qualified for the 2013 Mr Olympia.

Toronto Pro Supershow 2013

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