Many IFBB Pro’s started out their journey in bodybuilding by competing in the teenage ranks. Shawn Ray, Former Mr. Olympia Jay Cutler, Branch Warren and Bill Wilmore. Add brand new IFBB pro Justin Compton to the list. Six days out of his pro debut at the IFBB Wings of Strength, Compton brings in a jaw dropping combination of size, shape and condition. Trained by IFBB pro Fakrhi Mubarak, Compton is aiming to show the IFBB Pro league what he can do.

Where are you from?

Lexington, Kentucky


Do you have a career:

I’m a loan officer in the Lexington area


Where do you train at?

I actually train at several gyms. One is in my hometown of Mt. Sterling, Kentucky and  gyms in the Lexington area depending on my schedule


What drew you to the sport of bodybuilding and what was your first show?

I started off 135 pounds before ever touching a weight. I simply had a desire to get bigger and stronger. Even at 135 I was “skinny fat” so I wanted a change. I entered my first show at 18. It was the NPC Northern Kentucky in Covington, KY. It was a great experience and and a very well ran show. I won the teen class out of 13 competitors. A that moment I was addicted to bodybuilding and wanted to go as far as possible.


Who were some of your inspirations in the sport as a teen and who are some now? Why?

When I was competing as a teen, Jay Cutler and Ronnie Coleman were battling it out for the Mr. Olympia, so those are the two guys I followed the most and was inspired by. Jay has always been very approachable and I have a lot of respect for him.


What were some of the training and nutrition mistakes you made as a teen bodybuilder that you corrected as you made your way up the ranks?

If you only knew! I was young and dumb in regards to nutrition. First off, I was overeating in general. A 165 pound teen doesn't need 400 grams of protein. I’ve always had a good metabolism so I’ve never had an issue of getting in shape. I would've done a lot better if I had the knowledge I have now. I didn’t understand how important the quality of food is. Back when I was a teen, chicken was chicken. It didn’t matter if it was breaded, fried or processed. I simply didn’t know.


How important are the teenage ranks in bodybuilding?

Very important. It’s where I got my base and fell in love with the sport. I think it’s great to see teens dedicated and competing. There have been plenty of great IFBB pro’s that have walked out of Teen Nationals.


When most guys get into the sport, they have a false sense of where they really are in regards to their physique. How did you avoid this pitfall?

I think a lot of guys go into that pitfall. Guys have egos that their physiques do not live up to. I’m not an arrogant person, I simply try to beat my previous showing in every aspect. I have thus far with size, conditioning and symmetry. I’m looking forward to what my finished product in Chicago will be.


What was your first National level show?

It was the 2011 NPC Junior Nationals in Chicago. I finished second in the Heavyweights.


Was the experience of doing that national level show different from other show preps? How?

The prep was night and day compared to what I had done previously. It was my first time working with Fakrhi Mubarak and it was a tough prep. But every prep is tough in some sense or another.


What made you decide to do the Nationals?

After placing second at the Junior Nationals with a pretty stacked class, I felt I could make an impact at the pro qualifiers. However 2011 was just not the year I could do it. (Compton placed 13th at the 2011 Nationals) So I regrouped and pulled things together for 2012.


How did you get Fakrhi Mubarak in your corner to help with your prep?

I’ve seen his clients and his work on Facebook and knew he took care of people the right way and his clients always came in shape. I liked trying new methods so I gave it a shot and found out what worked with my body.


Obviously the result was what you both wanted and you're here with your pro debut at the end of the week. How does it make you feel as a former teen competitor about to step on a pro stage? I

It’s very mind-blowing to me. Looking back seven years ago, I would’ve never dreamed I would’ve made it this far. I didn’t feel it was within reach. But I’m a believer if you set your mind to something, you can accomplish anything and thats what I did.


You had some of the best proportions and condition seen onstage at the Nationals last year. What does it take to achieve that type of shape and condition?

I have a great metabolism, but I have to suffer just like everyone else to get into condition. It’s not easy for me at all. I put in my fair share on the cardio and my energy levels are toasted by the end of prep. As for my proportions, I try to review my pictures after every show i compete in and pick up my flaws. I’m very nit picky and try to focus very hard on those weak points. That way, when I step back onstage again, I’m more complete.


You showed great shape and symmetry at Nationals. What can we expect at the Wings of Strength?

You can expect the same traits that were on display at Nationals, in addition to me being 10-12 pounds heavier on stage with the same, or better, condition than what I had at Nationals.


What's your training philosophy? Heavy weight and high reps? Low Volume?

High volume with heavy weights and very little rest time. Every set should be very demanding. Just because the poundage is light doesn’t mean the weight is supposed to feel light. It should always feel heavy.


How did you structure your offseason training in working with a short time frame?

Nothing really changed to be honest. I’m a high volume trainer year round, I’ve tried a lot of methods and this seems to work the best for me.


Describe some basic tenets of your diet?

I eat on the same schedule daily. Same foods for the most part as well. This way I can keep track of what needs to be changed in order to keep making progress in the right direction.


Who else has been instrumental in helping you get to this point in bodybuilding?

My friends and family the most. I have a great support team all around. My family supported me in my younger years, giving me the base I have today. I surround myself with great friends who are appreciative of what I do and are always willing to back me up and help me when needed!


What is something interesting about you that others don't know?

When I’m not in diet mode, I do enjoy other things outside of bodybuilding. I can’t swim, but I enjoy beaches and lakes. Although I haven't had time in a few years, I enjoy fishing and other outdoor activities. I use to own a motorcycle and that was my passion for awhile until I decided to sell it. I enjoy drag racing but there really isn’t any drag racing competitions that are local and I have to travel. I like going places and seeing new things. It can be taxing on the bodybuilding lifestyle but if your’e serious about what you do, you can and will find a way to make it work together.


Is there anyone you would like to thank?

Plenty of people! I would like to start by thanking Fakrhi Mubarak. He’s not just a coach to his clients, but also a friend, role model and inspiration. I also want to thank my training partners as they are my best friends. They push me every single day and make sure I’m not slouching on my tired days. Most importantly, my family has been the best. They have been with me ever since I stepped onstage for the first time.