Yes, it’s true. Kevin Levrone and Markus Rühl both suffered left triceps muscle tears in late August. Rühl’s was the more serious injury, apparently involving his tendon. Notably, his August 22 surgery was performed by Dr. Mathias Ritsch, chairman of the medical committee of the German Bodybuilding and Fitness Federation and an IFBB member! The good doctor was upbeat, saying that Markus should make a full recovery, but Rühl was understandably distraught at missing the Mr. Olympia.

Levrone injured his triceps on August 25 while doing lat pulldowns. After surgery, he was quickly released by the hospital. Always the optimist, the Maryland Muscle Machine is still determined to compete in the Mr. Olympia on October 25. “I’m a fast healer,” he told us. “I think I can make it.” Most experts don’t think he’ll be competitive after the injury.

Here’s to a quick recovery for both of these men.