Gina Camacho closed out the competitive season with a bang, winning the Sacramento Pro Figure Championships on Saturday night.

Camacho, who placed eighth at the Figure Olympia in September, edged past Valerie Waugaman and Danielle Hollanshade for the win, which was Camacho’s first as a figure pro.

“It’s been a tough year for me because I competed in five contests,” Camacho said. “And it looks like I finally got it right this time. I finally nailed the balance of conditioning and the right amount of tightness with fullness.”

The win capped off a successful 2006 for Camacho. The XX-year-old, who turned pro by winning her class at the 2004 Nationals, was the runner-up in both the California Pro Figure and the Sacramento Pro Championships. “All year long, this was the best presentation that I’ve made,” Camacho said. “It’s going to help a great deal because it helps you to believe in your physique.” Camacho, Waugaman and Hollanshade – who finished second and third, respectively – all qualified for the 2007 Olympia.

Saturday, November 4th

1. Gina Camacho
2. Valerie Waugaman
3. Danielle Hollanshade
4. Andrea Dumon
5. Christine Wan
6. Zhanna Rotar
7. Cheri Lewis
8. Dinah Al-Sabah
9. Heather Mae French
10. Waleska Valle
11. Elaine Goodlad
12. Nicole Pitcher-Scott
13. Liane Seiwald
14. Juliana Malacarne
15. Arina Manta
16. Milamar Sarcev
17. Kate Shelby
18T. Aida Aragon
18T. Denise Hosher
18T. Aleksandra Kobielak
18T. Cynthia Sharp
18T. Karen Spencer
18T. Elvimar Sanchez