Witness the New and Improved Shock Therapy Shock the world. That’s what you came to do. That’s why you wrapped your paws around that cold iron for the very first time. To change opinions, change perceptions, change perspectives… To change yourself. Building a physique shocking in its size, unrivaled in its condition, unique in its proportions, startling in its raw power. A muscular super-structure worthy of equal parts shock and awe, building that was the goal since day one.

Over the years, as you’ve gained experience and become all the more hungry and dedicated, you’ve cast aside that which is showy and superficial. You’ve done away with the gimmicks and the flash. You’ve buried the hype where it belongs and sought out products that work, supplements that deliver, from a company you trust. Just like good old barbells and dumbbells, simple wholesome food and that dusty Mom and Pop gym where you first learned how to train, the more you know, the more obvious it becomes that you can’t beat the basics. When it comes to achieving your goals, what worked best back then is what works best now. That’s why you choose Universal.

When the brawny brain trust put their heads together to conceive the new Shock Therapy formula, their aspiration, though difficult, was a straightforward one—formulate the most effective all-in-one preworkout product on the market, make it taste fantastic and deliver it to consumers at a value. Painstaking care was taken in this pursuit–not a milligram was left to chance, not an ingredient was overlooked, not an informed opinion was disregarded. After intensive in-house testing and trial and error in the New Brunswick trenches, the beast was unleashed, via an extensive Beta Testing program involving droves of interested parties far and wide from the UniversalUSA.com Community as well as The Legion on the FORVM at AnimalPak.com and the good bros on Bodybuilding.com, all receiving their inconspicuously labeled black bottles. The results were real and the high praise was resounding. The response was worthy of what was sought—lip-smacking flavor, almost painful pumps and the enduring kind of energy that can keep you going all day and night. Sounds damn good, but the proof is on paper, and far more importantly, in the performance.

Reading the bold yellow, red and black Universal label for Shock Therapy, you easily understand why it works. The power of the product is self-evident. Ample doses of proven nutrients including four prized patented ingredients all provide the perfect balance between stretch-marking pumps and revved-up energy. Explosive strength, extreme volumization, heightened focus, lasting energy and cleansing antioxidant ingredients lace each Kool-Aidesque scoop. The complexes that encompass the formula make the intent quite clear. Twenty grams of explosive actives constituting a mere twenty sugar-free calories, led off by perhaps the most critical portion of the Shock Therapy proprietary recipe. The NO Super Pump Volumizing Complex comes loaded for bear with various proven creatine and arginine substrates, including Creatine MagnaPower and ArginoCarn, plus two other extremely sought after ergogenic compounds—GlycoCarn and Citrulline Malate. This complex is jacked up with advanced forms of time-tested performance and pump analogues, nutrients specifically designed with the swole-seeking designs of hard training physique sculptors in mind.

The second complex, this one entirely new to Shock Therapy is the Muscle Strength blend, which contains extra anabolic nutrients, helping to separate ST from just about every other preworkout formula in the game. A 5500 mg mixture including BCAAs, Taurine, Beta Alanine and yet another patented ingredient, Sustamine—a bonded form of glutamine and alanine that supports muscle rehydration and greatly enhances endurance and recovery. Following next, literally balancing the “shock” with the “therapy” aspects of the formula is the 1250 mg of the Enertropic & Antioxidant Complex. Loaded with extremely powerful herbs and extracts, this blend kicks you in the ass, all the while watching your back.

Including strong energy and focus agents like tyrosine, caffeine anhydrous, guarana and yerba mate with potent antioxidants like green tea and grapeseed extracts, NAD and Na-R-Alpha Lipoic Acid this ingredient mixture further separates the all new Shock Therapy from the rest of the typical preworkout pack.

Finally, highlighting the true comprehensive nature of Shock Therapy is the Electrolyte & Delivery Complex. This 5250 mg portion of the formula prioritizes performance in the most basic way possible, by placing an emphasis on some of the aspects so crucial to being at the top of your game—optimal hydration and nutrient absorption. If you’re not consuming enough electrolytes in your training fluids and not properly utilizing the
ergogenics contained in your preworkout formula, you don’t have a prayer when it comes to being at your best in the gym. No pumps. No endurance. No power. So why even bother? With the brand spanking new and retooled Shock Therapy, such a scenario is a virtual impossibility. The relentless pursuit of the pump, it is the yearning that drives the most dedicated bodybuilders among us. The pump is the fun and almost euphoric element of a notoriously grueling sport. It is with this sensation in mind and the daily quest in the gym to track it down and make it yours, that Shock Therapy has been revised, updated and reborn. A pumping pre-workout powerhouse, Shock Therapy does away with halfhearted efforts and lackluster weight sessions, promising you’ll never just go through the motions again. With freaky, vascular and engorged pumps characterizing your life in the gym, your game will never be the same. You’ll be energized, pumped out of your mind and primed to perform with intensity–the best workouts of your life all but one mouth-watering scoop away. This is the all new Shock Therapy. Only from Universal.

Testimonials: Shock Therapy

For old school champions and modern day warriors, this is the holy grail. The product of a complex series of processes, it’s physical and it’s also psychological. But you don’t need a Ph.D. You don’t need to know how it works. You just need to feel it – feel the blood engorge your muscles and make you bigger. Literally. So how does the new Shock Therapy do in the pump department? Read for yourself. "Pumps and flavor were the two things that blew me away. I actually had to hide it from my roommate as he told me he got the best pump ever and that the stuff tasted awesome. The energy was solid, and not to the point of jittery. Amazing product across the board." – Josh Halladay, NPC Bodybuilder

"Seriously… it’s ridiculous. I trained back and biceps. I am always carbed up and very well hydrated when I train. My skin was splitting 3 sets in. I hit wide chins, pullovers, lat pulldowns, low rows, and DB rows for back. My lats were completely blown out. No possible way I could have pumped another drop of blood into them. Vascularity was unreal before I even touched my biceps. I was seeing veins that I hadn't saw since I was 30 lb. lighter, including a massive pipeline that crossed my delt, ran down my bicep and continued to my wrist. I am very impressed with this product." – Chase Browning


One hits you all over like a ton of bricks – the other, a laser-like pinpoint. Together, they make up the next big component of the all-new Shock Therapy. If the pump is the main entrée, then the energy and drive are surely the appetizers. These two will set the table for an amazing session the first time, every time. When your body is sagging, when your motivation is flagging, chug it all away with tall cold one. With Shock Therapy, you get smooth, clean and sustained energy without the crash. You get incredible drive and focus without the fogginess. Here’s what lifters had to say: "I started to drink my 20oz Shock Therapy goodness at 7:10 P.M, and by 7:40 P.M, I was full of energy. It came on nice and subtly, and left me the same way. The energy was amazing and I did not experience any type of crash or anything of that nature at all. Even with taking the product so late at night, I had no problems sleeping. Energy lasted my whole training session and shortly thereafter, which was about an hour and 15 minutes. I'm giving energy a 10/10." – J_Dieter

"OMG, after 20 minutes I was so far in the zone that I was ignoring my friends anytime they tried to talk to me. This batch of ST brought me into the mindset that allowed me to look at the weight, think about the movement and then do it, nothing else. After the workouts that I used this, my friends could only describe me as going "Kai Face", which is when you ignore everything, talk to yourself about the weight and hit PRs." – MMAFreak46


Going into it, we knew all the tangibles. We knew we had to blow the doors off the old Shock Therapy in terms of pumps, energy and drive. We believe we have succeeded without too much effort at all. But the intangibles – those are harder to pin down. What are the intangibles? The things we all truly appreciate but aren’t really willing to admit publicly: flavor. For the long haul, how easily something goes down matters a great deal. After all, no one wants to take a mallet to your palate. As Shock Therapy is chock full of goodies, it’s not a quick, slam it back kind of shot. We’re talking about a beverage you can savor from the first sip to the last drop. That’s how good Shock Therapy truly is. Listen to what the folks had to say about this all too important attribute:

"Let me start by saying this stuff [Clyde’s Hard Lemonade] tasted ridiculously amazing. The taste was so fresh and smooth. It was just as good as the real thing." -BigMike44

"Flavor – 10/10. Wow. Pre-workouts should not taste this good. This is a flavor [Grape Ape] that Universal does very well, and they PERFECTED it this time around. It mixes very well with a quick 3-5 second toss in a shaker (10oz of water as directed). No clumps. Not gritty. No foam. Universal has seriously upped the ante for the entire industry in the pre-workout category. They are rarely enjoyable. Most are usually overly tart to cover the chemical taste. Usually don't mix well with small grits of powder floating on top. This one mixed to the consistency of Kool-Aid and tasted like it as well."Chase Browning

"My initial thoughts on this particular flavor’s taste [Grape Ape] were that it was absolutely amazing. I have tried this flavor from Universal in the past and have had some decent respect for it, but fellas, you guys really hit the nail on the head with this guy. Very refreshing is probably the best description I can give regarding its flavor profile." little rambo


Great results with flavors that speak for themselves. That’s the all-new Shock Therapy. Listen to what everyone is saying – great pumps, energy and great flavors. It may be the perfect preworkout supplement: "With all these elements combined, this new Shock Therapy is an outstanding and complete pre-workout product. The energy is intense but the focus helps stay in control while also having great pumps. I'm not looking to go back to my old preworkout.

Once again Universal has proved they can continue to supply outstanding products and that they truly care about their consumers." – VTanimal
"Truly a great product. I felt better than I have in a long time. Due to the focus and "clean energy", I was able to set a few PRs this week, and I look forward to setting some more."MMAFreak46

"The future is truly upon us, so go ahead and have high expectations. The new Shock Therapy is about to revolutionize pre-workout products and it won’t let you down."

For more information, please go to: www.UniversalUSA.com/ShockTherapy