IFBB Superstar Silvio Samuel stopped by Weider Headquarters today. El Matador returned to his home base in Los Angeles after spending most of the last two months on the road for various guest posing appearances (more to come on that in a future Hard Times). Sil is deep into his prep for the Ironman on Feb 15, weighing in at 232 pounds.

When we asked for predictions, here’s what El Matador had to say.

“I don’t like doing that for respect for the other guys,” he said. “But I have a surprise for everyone.”

Aw, come on Sil. Throw us a bone here.

“Ok — if I had to predict?” Samuel asked. “Top three … but it could be higher.”

Silvio dropped off his new DVD, “The Next Big Thing”.

In addition to training, the DVD gives a glimpse of Sil’s life behind-the-scenes, featuring a MTV Cribs-style tour of his place in Orange County and a visit to Weider Headquarters. The meat-and-potatoes of the DVD is training, featuring numerous training sessions with legendary trainer Charles Glass as Silvio preps for the 2007 Mr. Olympia, and a bonus segment of Silvio posing with Jay Cutler at Cutler’s home in Vegas 48 hours out from the Olympia.

To order, the DVD ($39.99 plus $5.99 shipping and handling), send an email to Silvio at saviour94@hotmail.com. As a one-time special offer, Silvio guarantees personalized signed copies to the first 20 orders.

For more recent pics of Samuel, shot yesterday during the taping of Silvio’s Life in Venice Video Series, check out the FLEX forums.