Strongman 2

When the dust settled at the 2014 MHP Arnold Strongman Classic, Zydrunas Savickas captured his seventh Arnold title in dramatic fashion this past weekend. “Big Z” pushed out 4 reps in the 274 lb. Cyr Dumbbell Press to edge out runner-up Brian Shaw and claim the $65,000 top check and Louis Cyr trophy. Mike Burke finished a strong third, allowing Team MHP athletes to go 1-2-3 at the prestigious event.

Day 1 began with the Austrian Oak press, where world record holder Zydrunas showed his immense power with 4 reps of the 400 lb. log. Shaw and Burke tied forsecond with 2 reps. In the second event, Z showed blazing speed with the 1410 lb. yoke on his back, moving 10 ft. in an amazing 3.87 seconds. Shaw timed in a 5.79 seconds, followed by Burke at 7.5 seconds.

Strongman 1

Day 2 started on the Expo stage with Jerry Pritchett sprinting up the ramp holding the 880lb. Timber Carry for first place. Mike Burke was second and Shaw third. Zydrunas and Shaw battled for the top spot in the Tire Deadlift, with both hitting world record weights before Z took the even with a whopping 1,155 lb. pull.

Strongman 3

The final event – the Cyr Dumbbell Press – took place as part of the Men’s Bodybuilding Finals at Veterans Memorial on Saturday night. Zydrunas, Shaw, Burke and Hafthor Bjornsson all performed 4 reps, which allowed Z to win on points.

Congratulations to Zydrunas, Brian and Mike for dominating the event and proving that the strongest men in the world are MHP Strong! – FLEX