Over the course of his professional bodybuilding career throughout the ’70s and ’80s, Tom Platz became known for his leg development, and one look at his physique in that time frame will tell you why. He was known as “The Golden Eagle” thanks to his signature blonde hair, but also as “The Quadfather” because, well…

Platz, who also powerlifted throughout his career, was 1980’s Mr. Universe and achieved an admirable third-place finish at the 1981 Olympia — a show that many fans felt he should’ve won. To build his legendary wheels, he was known to blast his legs with high-rep, high-intensity squats. And all that punishing clearly paid off. 

These days, Platz still stays in shape and holds seminars on bodybuilding and leg development. In a recent Instagram post, he showed that he’s still reaping the benefits of a healthy diet and consistent workouts. 

Seriously, just look at this man’s legs:

Those legs are eligible for senior citizen discounts, but bodybuilders half Platz’s age would be thrilled if their own quads looked like his.

He credits food suggestions from his wife, board-certified alternative medical practitioner Cha Dikito-Platz, and solid supplementation for his still-ridiculous physique.

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