Sadly, summer is winding down and fall will soon be upon us. If summer flew by so fast that you missed your chance to get extra lean, it’s not too late. Using these three ingredients along with a solid FLEX training and diet program can help you shed fat in a hurry.


This is a proprietary blend of two plant extracts—Sphaeranthus indicus and mangosteen. Clinical research studies confirm that they lead to significant fat loss in a very short period. Subjects on a calorie-controlled diet and walking 30 minutes daily lost an average of five pounds and over an inch on their waists in just two weeks, which was more than double the fat loss of the placebo group. After eight weeks the Meratrim group lost 12 pounds and nearly five inches on their waists, which was three times as much as the placebo group. The combo appears to work by increasing the release of fat stored in cells and preventing the development of new fat cells.


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Synephrine is the main active ingredient in the plant Citrus aurantium (bitter orange). Although its chemical structure is similar to ephedrine (remember those days?), it boosts metabolic rate without a significant elevation of heart rate or blood pressure, research confirms. Synephrine can also help to enhance fat loss by stimulating receptors on fat cells to release more fat, as well as blunting appetite so that you eat fewer calories than you burn each day.

Green Coffee Extract

Green coffee extract is derived from unroasted coffee beans. Not roasting the beans not only leaves them green, but
it also leaves a critical component for
fat loss intact: chlorogenic acid. It works synergistically with the caffeine in coffee beans to burn up the fat that caffeine frees up from the fat cells. Several clinical studies confirm that supplementing with green coffee extract leads to significant fat loss.


Fast Burn This table lists several fat burners that contain either all three of the ingredients covered above or at least one of them, along with other fat-burning ingredients to speed up your fat-loss efforts.

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