I’m gearing up to head home for the holidays. Most of my family and friends think I’m nuts to leave California where it has been averaging about 75degrees for Toronto where it has been averaging -10Celcius (about 14degreesF). I’m never one to do something without seriously mulling it over and weighing all my options first. Going home has a few tremendous benefits for me and I will share them here in my blog as it all happens. I know I will be able to train hard, eat perfectly, and rest optimally. I will come back to California 6 weeks out with an even greater appreciation for the life that I am blessed to lead here as a pro bodybuilder.

I smashed a killer leg workout yesterday with Charles and his assistant trainer Paul. This one was the best leg workout we’ve had together and I was definitely fighting off losing my lunch on more than a few occasions. The best part of this leg workout for me, was having Chris Cormier in my ear telling my to give it all and make sure each rep was a good rep. Chris has been one of the guys I looked up to since I started the sport and I really appreciate him getting in my ear and evening stopping his workout to offer me a spot. I do my best everyday in Golds Venice to make every attempt to help as many people as possible and bring back the camaraderie that once existed in the sport. So huge thanks to Chris for recognizing my tremendous desire and offering any type of motivation or assistance. Coming from him, it means a lot to me (and you can be damn sure I won’t be stopping any set short). Here is the leg work out: Leg press: 5 set of 15, 12,12,10, 8 Hack squat: 5 sets 20, 17, 15,12, 6 then 4 drops (descending set) Vertical leg press (pushing with toes): 5sets 20, 17, 15, 10, 10 then 3 drops. Walking lunges: 4 sets to failure Leg Ext- I about 8-10 sets. Never count, just go until I’m cooked. Train Hard, Ben Pakulski