In this 1985 Olympia Showdown, it was down to the two best men of the evening – Lee Hany vs Albert Beckles. Beckles was twice Haney's age coming in second to Hany twice to include in this clip, the 1985 Mr Olympia.

Lee Haney’s IFBB Mr. Olympia career comprises a catalog of superlatives: he won more IFBB Mr. Olympia’s than anyone else (eight: 1984-1991); defeated more bodybuilders than anyone else in IFBB Mr. Olympia competition (83); traveled more extensively in doing so (all his IFBB Mr. Olympia wins were in different cities – five in the United States and three in Europe); and in his last IFBB Mr. Olympia victory (1991, when he handed Dorian Yates his last defeat) weighed 248 pounds, which up until that time made him the heaviest winner ever.

Albert Beckles was born in Barbados, he emigrated to London, where in the mid-‘60s he began winning regional British titles, before taking the 1969 and 1970 NABBA Mr. Britain titles (which were awarded in 1970 and ’71). Later in ’71, he joined the IFBB, earning the overall at that year’s IFBB Mr. Universe. His high-peaked biceps and crisp overall appearance have been his trademark throughout his career.

1985 Olympia Showdown- Haney Vs. Beckles