2012 Australian Pro with Tony Doherty - Promoter of the Week!

Branch and Erin Win!


Tony and Mike break down the night's events with Branch Warren and Erin Stern taking the top prize here at the 2012 Australian Pro Grand Prix.

2012 IFBB Australian Pro Grand Prix XII Contest Results

Men's Bodybuilding

  1. Branch Warren - Wins $10,000
  2. Michael Kefalianos - Wins $5,000
  3. Omar Deckard - Wins $4,000
  4. Darryn Onekawa
  5. Luke Timms

Pro Figure

  1. Erin Stern
  2. Nicole Wilkins
  3. Larissa Reis

Luke Wood Memorial Award (prize for highest placing Austrailian pro)

Luke Timms - Wins $2,000