2012 Toronto Pro Mens 212 Prejudging Review

Here's what we saw at the 2012 Toronto Pro with the Men's 212 and Under Division


Toronto Pro Mens Assessment - 212The 212 class had a few surprising competitors and entertaining moments during the 60 second mandatory posing round. Top 5 in this class were like a mini-United Nations: Lyndon Belgrave from Barbados, American Guy Cisternino, Canadian Myoba Edwards, Pakistani Muhammad Butt and Czech Lukas Osladil.

Belgrave had amazing legs and will more than likely take 4th.

Cisternino had not improved from his NY Pro 5th place spot. He looked smoother than 2 weeks ago.

Myoba Edwards had the thickest back of the 5 and an overall very pleasing shape. I predict him in second.

Pakistani Muhammad Butt had the sharpest legs and best back in the 212 class, with a nice X shape overall. His hams were just a little soft, but his posing from the front more than made up for that.

Toronto Pro Assessment - 212Finally there was Czech Lukas Osladil, a surprise to the to 5. He had a pleasing overall shape, but was a tad soft and watery, particularly in the upper body. He spent an inordinate amount of time “rolling” and flexing his glutes, regardless of the pose actually called out by the judges. However he looked better as he posed more and added some entertainment value to the callouts.

I can't wait for the finals to see how these guys place in the eye's of the judges.