KING RONNIE crowned by the Governator! Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger walked onto the Olympia stage holding the Sandow trophy and presented it to Ronnie Coleman for tying his record. Both men stand only one victory away from all-time leader Lee Haney.

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Final results:

Ronnie Coleman (1)

Jay Cutler (2)

Gustavo Badell (3)

Dexter Jackson (4)

Markus Ruhl (5)

Gunter Schlierkamp (6)

Chris Cormier (7)

Dennis James (8)

Victor Martinez (9)

Darrem Charles (10)

Pavol Jablonicky (11)

Kris Dim (12)

Ahmad Haidar (13)

Johnnie Jackson (14)

Troy Alves (15)

Craig Richardson (16)

Mustafa Mohammed (17)

Richard Jones (18)

Claude Groulx (19)


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