Fouad's View on a Life of an IFBB Pro

What I realized is any of the pros in the top ten or top twenty all have busier lives than I could have imagined at the time


Its funny early in my bodybuilding career I used to wonder why some IFBB Pro’s said they were so busy.  I mean seriously, all you have to do is eat and train, how hard could that be?

Little did I know at that time that being a pro is much more than just eating and training, unless you have no commitments in which that could be the case.  What I realized is any of the pros in the top ten or top twenty all have busier lives than I could have imagined at the time.

I am thankful for the work and appreciate being busy, busy means successful in my mind.  If your just sitting there with nothing to do, how can you possibly be successful?

This year on top of making sure all my meals and training is done to perfection I have had to travel all over the world.  First France, then Germany, then England, after that was a short break.  In that break I went on to guest pose at some North American shows and do some store appearances and now into the busiest part of my year.

As most of you know I was married back in January of 2012 but that was a small arab style wedding to marry my wife and I.  In October we are doing it North American style with all the bells and whistles.  My wife and I have been planning this for the last four months and as we get closer it gets crazier.  On top of this I have to make sure I keep my career in tact and without fault.

Although the wedding is tons of work its only the half of it.  On October 6th I am promoting my own show, The Fouad Abiad

Open and that also is another endeavour in itself.  I have to make sure all the posters, websites, show program are built (doing it myself).  I also have to make sure our competitors are treated like pros and have extra prizes, like vacation packages, exercise equipment, watches and some other great stuff.  Lastly, the venue and the food have to be coordinated properly so the show goes off without a hitch.  This is my second year putting this show on and I am amazed at how Weider puts on a show the size of the Olympia without any mistakes.

Last but not least we have career commitments that have to be met.  As a contracted athlete appearances like the ones noted above are most important in any pro’s schedule.  In Ocotber I will be in Spain on the 12th for the Arnold Europe and I will also be in Hungary for Scitecs Superbody expo.  Both events I am excited about attending but my month of October looks like this:

  • October 6 – Promote my show
  • October 12 – Head to Spain
  • October 20 – Marry my beautiful bride
  • October 27 – Head to Hungary
  • November 15 – Start prep for the Arnold!

So for all you up and comers that are going to be IFBB Pro’s one day or for all of you who say we don’t do anything except eat, train and sleep, this is your reality check.  Oh, and if your thinking of being a physique pro and think its going to be easier, you have another thing coming lol.  Some of these guys have the same schedule I have but have to be shredded year round and do photo shoots one a month or more.

The point of my blog is, if you want to make it in this sport or industry (whatever you want to call it) you really have to push past the gym.  Training is the fun part, eating is the essential part, sleeping is for growing and then theres everything else.  Whether it be social media, website monitoring, sponsor contract obligations, personal training business, merchandise sales, whatever it is you can think of; those things are where you actually make a living.

Trust me, you see Phil driving around his Bentley and think you want that life?  Well, just take a minute and realize how hard Phil or anyone else at this level is working and then ask yourself again….’Can I really handle it?’


Sacrifice Without Regret,

Fouad ‘Hoss’ Abiad