In 1985, Lee Haney wins his second Mr. Olympia at the Forest National Theatre in Brussels, Belgium. Watch as Lee Haney goes head to head with Albert Beckles as they battle it out for 1st and 2nd place, and the title of Mr. Olympia, 1985.


1985 Mr. Olympia Placements:

Lee Haney (1)

Albert Beckles (2)

Richard Gaspari (3)

Mohammed Makkawy (4)

Mike Christian (5)

Berry De Mey (6)

Tom Platz (7)

Bob Paris (8)

Sergio Olivia (9)

Frank Richards (10)

Bob Birdsong (11)

Tony Pearson (12)

Wilf Sylvester (13)

John Brown (14)

Jacques Neuville (15)