Juan Morel on his Olympia Experience

I went as a fan to the Olympia and it was one of the greatest experience in my life


I want to talk about my experience in Vegas at the Olympia! I had the most amazing experience. It was my first time going to the Olympia and it was everything plus more than I expected. Everyone that follows me knows I went with my wife. We got there on a Wednesday and left the following Tuesday. I went to every single event that they had to do with the Olympia. Am I glad I did not compete because I probably would have never experienced this again.

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I went as a fan and as an IFBB pro. I'm still a fan of the sport and even though I know the majority of the athletes competiting at the Olympia, I'm still a fan and wanted to go shake all their hands and wish them good luck! On Thursday and Friday I was at the Expo working my Sponsors booth Ten.1 and Flex Magazine. I also made my appearance at other sponsors P28 and X2X clothing. The Expo was unbelievable, So many people so many fans. I truly loved the Expo at the Olympia. The people there are real fans of bodybuilding and follow the sport. Sometimes you go places and people are there but have no clue on the Sport!

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Oh, here is the best part. I had floor seat to the event at my first Olympia! Oh man I truly would never forget! Everyone did an awesome Job. Everyone brought it and came looking on point I want to congratulate all the competitors for giving their all and giving us all a great show!! I looked at every single bodybuilder and saw how they presented themselves, so I can work on my presentation for when I'm on that stage next year!

One thing that caught me by surprise at the Olympians banquet after Finals was that they were giving out awards and I was awarded rookie of the Year!! I couldn't believe it. I was in shock. It was such an honor to receive that award. I was very happy. I want to thank Robin Chang for the amazing Job he did putting together such an organized and wonderful event!

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The rest of the days after the Olympia I spent it with my wife at the pool and going out to dinner spending quality time with her just a little vacation the whole experience was amazing!!

This past weekend I had a guest posing at the NPC Brooklyn Grand Prix I had a lot of fun met tons of my fans, also got to guest pose with my good friend Jon Delarosa. I'm also going to be guest posing in 2 weeks at the upstate classic in CT and in 3 weeks at the East Coast in New Jersey!

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I want to thank my Sponsors Ten.1 for the amazing product Bitrate has made my workouts really intense since I been using the product, also thanks them for the support giving to me, want to thanks my sponcors Flex Magazine you guys are awesome and love being a Weider athlete you guys definitely know how to treat you athletes #teamflex all day.

Thanks to all my fans you guys are awesome keep those tweets coming and those FB comments! My friends love you guys, My parent mom dad you guys are the best love you, My amazing wife I love you so much, my beautiful daughter love you sweety