Exclusive Photos of Kai Greene 8 Days Out from the Olympia!
September 9, 2011

On September 8, just 8 days from the 2011 Mr. Olympia, Kai Greene stopped by Bev Francis Powerhouse Gym for a chest workout and video with FLEXonline. The video will be available on Monday and you wont want to miss it. Greene is still training with unrivaled intensity and the weight he is moving is super-human.

While we all wait for the video, FLEXonline has something you might find just as interesting: Exclusive posing photos of Greene taken that same day. If you’ve been overlooking Greene up to now, you might want to reconsider your predictions!

kai_back1.jpgkai_back2.jpgkai_front1.jpgkai_front2.jpg kai_front2.jpg