It’s been a couple weeks since my debacle at the Arnold’s. I’ve had time to sit and reflect on what happened and how I looked at both shows the Arnold and the FLEX. After looking at all the video, photos and talking to people in the industry, I’ve settled on the fact that I have some work to Like it took me two weeks to figure that

In actuality it didn’t take me two weeks to figure out that I had work to do but rather where that work is needed and how I would go about taking it on. I’ve focused in on a few key points, some old and some new but definitely have some new strategies I plan on using to correct the faults.

First. Bigger legs! I know this isn’t new news but I’ve taken a good look now and realized, its not just sweep of the quad or lower hang to the ham or thicker soleus. The simple truth is it’s an overall leg issue. My legs need to be thicker from every angle, front, back, side, inside, outside, up and down. To take this on I’ve decided to change my form altogether when lifting. I’m gonna take on this project with slower, controlled lifting, moderate reps, heavy weight and FULL range of motion. Not full the way I have been but real full range of motion. I mean when leg pressing I want my knees touching my armpits on every rep!

Second. Bigger arms! I know, another shocker. This one I know is still the same as before I need to thicken up the triceps so I can have an overall thickness to the arm that I don’t carry now. So to make sure I can get through the year with no pain, I’m going for another round of plasma injections on my elbows and bicep tendons. I feel my arms made some gains this year because my left elbow was better, so doing this will make everything more healthy and ready for another year of torturous workouts.

Third. Last but definitely not least, abs! Of course this isn’t totally new because many people have noticed my waist has thickened a little over time. The reason for this is the heavy compound movements, large meals/binge eating and just pure overall size I’m carrying now versus years ago.

In the last couple years I haven’t really trained abs, thinking I could coast on genetics. It hasn’t panned out the way I expected and I actually think not training them has led to the expansion. I think keeping the stomach wall strong and tight will keep a smaller waist overall. The remedy, this year I won’t be deadlifting as much. I haven’t seen such a dramatic increase in size in my back and legs vs. the expansion of my waist to keep that movement in. I feel my back actually was a little better a couple years back with just various rowing movements and some isolation.

Training abs three to four times a week is now part of my regimen for this offseason. I’m doing cardio five or six days a week now so abs will be part of that most of the time.

Which leads into the last part of the solution. Cleaner and smaller meals. I’m training myself this year and I’ve learned my body and what it needs after 13 years in the game (I’m a slow Along with the cardio and abs, I will be eating seven to eight smaller meals a day instead of six large ones. Binge meals won’t exist anymore, goodbye to the buffets! If I want something I’ll have it but I won’t gorge myself until I can’t move so Hoss might be a nickname I might have to lose.

All this leads to one thing. Knowing how to be honest with yourself. In a sport where it’s normal to walk around like your shit don’t stink, it can be hard to look at yourself and say I’m shit in this area and that area. If you can be honest with yourself when you’re looking in the mirror and can make real changes and start to rebuild properly.

That being said you need a sound plan but I still believe, a proper, real assessment is the best starting point. As you guys can see from reading this I have a lot of work to do. The interesting thing is most of last year you guys read my blogs and how I was working as hard as I could. Bullshit. After seeing pics and videos, looking back at training journals and diets, I’ve realized I have more to give.

I’ve had people tell me things like, ‘man you should’ve won this show or placed higher at that show’, or ‘bodybuilding is bullshit, you’re not kissing the right ass’. There is so much shit swirling around but its all bullshit. The honest truth is this, you place where you place because you’re supposed to at that time. If your good you get the nod, and if they missed it the first time you keep showing it to them until they see it. Eventually everyone will take notice when the final masterpiece is ready.

Its been a tough year but its not over and I’m down but not out. Back to work in the gym, bringin more vids, photos and everything else to show you all it can be done with enough hard work!

Sacrifice Without Regret, Fouad ‘Hoss’ Abiad