2 weeks out from the Show of Champions in Orlando. This is Vinny's first 212 class of the year. The change of weight class was great decision on his part because he could get down to 208 but had to struggle to make 202. He would make weight but his body would go flat and could not place high.


Now he's under weight and is eating into the contest.

Vinny's close to 45 years old, and everything hurts, so he's changed his workout to compensate. So Vinny's incorporated partial movements, half reps into his workout. It targets the muscle and yet takes the strain off his ligaments. So he's able to move a lot of weight, hit the right muscles and not hurt as much.

He's recovered from a shoulder injury and is feeling good. Not worried about winning or losing – Vinny just wants to look good and is looking forward to this show. Vinny's next show is in Shreveport, LA May 11-12 to compete in the Optimum Classic and then finish off in his backyard to compete at the 2012 New York Pro.

Vinny's a fan of the sport in addition to cementing, so he's looking forward to competing against the best of them.


Vinny G is representing Universal Nutrition and is just damned glad to be here.

Cliff is Vinny's training partner. Cliff is Vinny's source of inspiration seeing as how Cliff's battled four rounds of chemo radiation and is up to 200 lbs after whittling down to 160 pounds. Cliff's never complained after the rounds of chemo and surgeries. So if Cliff can do it, so can Vinny!