This pass few weeks I have been training only 4 days a week and giving my body a little rest to get ready for contest prep which I will start this Sat Jan 28th. Training has been going extremely well, I’ve been very strong in the gym and my back has been in less pain. Through this I been having more often better leg workouts versus bad ones!! I am very happy with my progress that I have made this offseason; I’ve been able to put on some good size. I’m really excited for the New York Pro where I will be able to show of my improvements!

I was able to go out to Bevs the weekend before for a great leg workout with my training partner Akim. This was a good boost to get my head into thinking of my prep and the upcoming show. It was also great because I got to see some of my friends during the day at the gym as well. Sometimes in this sport at times you can get lonely when you’re in your zone during prep-mode. This offseason I had a great balance of training and leisure time.Last week flex came to my gym synergy to shoot a video on Wednesday. I had a great leg workout! I am excited to see the finished product that you can watch on the flex site.

I’m ready to start my prep as I am so tired of fast foods and just eating whatever and whenever; this has made me become lethargic, I need some clean eating in my life!! This year prep will be very different for me. I will begin with cutting out sugar completely for the first half of prep; no ice cream, no junk. On sundays for my cheat day I will only have food, whatever I want as long as it’s food.

I will diet strictly for 6 days and day 7 not as strict! What’s great about this prep is that I’m going to have very good support from my girlfriend, she is amazing and she will be helping me a lot. It will be great to have her by my side thru my prep since she has been here for me during my off season where I made great gains. I know I will have a really great prep with her support..

This weekend was a good time, I got my baby Destiny (who’s not so little! she’s getting so big) and we went to PA for the day to visit my girlfriends Family. It was a 3 hour ride, it really wasn’t that bad the hours flew by… It was beautiful as it just beginning to snow and the mountains, trees and farm houses along the way were amazing. We spent the whole day there it was a lot of fun!

I’ve also been excited to begin the Q & A on the flex website. So now my fans can directly ask me any questions they have… So if anyone has any questions about diet, training please visit Flex online Q and A second and ask away! I look forward to hearing from you all!