The IFBB Pro League’s Classic Physique division is relatively new, and Arash Rahbar has been a consistent powerhouse for the entirety of the division’s existence. With a broad upper body, tapered waist, and tree-trunk legs, it’s clear to see why.

The four-time Olympia competitor was given full control of the Olympia’s Instagram account for a day, and he shared plenty of detail about his training and nutrition during his time at the helm, including a hardcore chest workout.

In a live Q&A, Rahbar fielded questions from fans about everything, with topics ranging from cardio to alcohol consumption and training to failure. At the start, he stressed that although he’s always open to answering training questions, he considers mindset and mentality to be two of the most important aspects in being the best version of yourself.

Watch the full Q&A here:

In addition to diving in to fan questions and giving his take on some common bodybuilding topics, Rahbar shared a chest routine that’s guaranteed to leave anyone sore.

He uses some heavy weights, but pace yourself and don’t try to jump right to his level. After all, Rahbar is literally a professional.

Check out the video that follows to watch him work through the routine.

Classic Physique Olympian Arash Rahbar’s Chest & Biceps Workout

Flat Dumbbell Press

  • Warm up (20 reps with 80-pound dumbbells)
  • 15 reps with 100-pound DBs
  • 12 reps with 130-pound DBs
  • 10 reps with 140-pound DBs
  • 5 reps with 150-pound DBs

Decline Hammer Strength Machine Press

  • 10 reps with 3 plates
  • 8 reps with 4 plates
  • 8 reps with 4 plates
  • 8 reps with 3 plates

Dumbbell Flye

  • 15 reps with 40-pound DBs
  • 12 reps with 50-pound DBs
  • 10 reps with 60-pound DBs
  • 10 reps with 60-pound DBs

Machine Preacher Curl

  • 12 reps of the full rack
  • 10 reps of the full rack
  • 8 reps of the full rack

Alternating Dumbbell Curls

  • 20 reps with 40-pound DBs
  • 20 reps with 50-pound DBs
  • 20 reps with 50-pound DBs

Single-Arm Concentration Curls

  • 12 reps with 40-pound DBs
  • 8 reps with 50-pound DBs
  • 10 reps with 40-pound DBs

Standing EZ-Bar Curl

  • 3 sets of 15 reps

So many people ask him about cardio regularly that he even put up a separate post to explain his favorite strategies when it comes to that. He gets into the difference between HIIT and steady-state cardio and more.

Watch it here:

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