Stuck at home or in a hotel room with no equipment, and it’s chest day? Dammit. There’s only one body-weight exercise you can think of for hitting pecs—pushups—and those get old after a while.

But hang on a minute. There are actually a multitude of pushup variations that hit the chest (as well as the triceps and delts) in subtly different ways. Perform them correctly, and they will keep your body-weight-pushing workouts from getting stale, which will in turn help you pack on more muscle and develop more strength. Six such variants are detailed on the following pages, courtesy of body-weight training expert Andy McDermott, owner of McDermott Family Fitness ( Read up on them, then give them a try in our pushups-only workout.

The All-Pushups Workout for a Bigger Chest

Yes, you can get a kick-ass upper-body “push” (plus core) workout with only pushups. Here’s how:

Exercise 1: Clapping Pushup or One-Arm Pushup—2 sets of 5 

Exercise 2: Feet-Elevated Pushup—3 sets of 12-15

Exercise 3: Crucifix Pushup—2 sets of 15-20

Exercise 4: Forearm Pushup—2 sets pf 10-12

Exercise 5: Pushup + Arm and Leg Reach—2 sets of 5 per side