WAR OF THE WORDS Entertainment, training, comedy, competition and lifestyle are all commodities that are packaged into Bob Cicherillo’s DVD documentary, “War for the Worlds,” which followed his preparation before his victorious turn at March’s IFBB Masters World Championships.

Travis Chapman of Chapman Media Group, who recorded the 10 weeks of footage, said he had the time of his life as a fly on the wall of Bob’s life. “Even though I recorded the film, I’ve still watched the movie (a few times),” he says. “Because of the entertainment value Bob provides. It’s funny, informative and gives you a look inside the bodybuilding world in the Mecca, California.” The week-by-week clips can be viewed at bodybuilding.com’s website,

SECRET SCHLIERKAMP, CONFIDENTIAL CUTLER While dining with Jay Cutler in Las Vegas recently, questions started flying fast and furious at me about events back in Venice. “Anything interesting happening in Gold’s?” was the first shot from Jay. “Is Gunter training hard and what’s he looking like?” came the next. Upon hearing my description of the 330-pound German mammoth, a calm and collective Cutler parted from our feast to torture his triceps at the nearby Sahara Gold’s Gym.

Two days later, as I arrived at Gold’s in Venice, a grinning Gunter approached me and asked if I happened to see the 290-pound “Cuts” while in Vegas. “He looks great; his abs are tight and he has the widest back I have ever seen,” I replied. A serious look broke across Günter’s face, and with a nod of his head he proceeded back to his torturous legs session.

Of course, I was more than happy to provide such motivating news for the two men — only the strongest will survive in the upcoming Mr. Olympia, after all, so the visual cues of each other’s incredible condition will only serve to spur each on more. On September 29-30, we’ll see what happens when they again meet face to face.

LOVE CONNECTIONS With Bob Cicherillo recently proposing to his beautiful girlfriend Tash, and Johnnie Jackson getting married, it seems love is in the air in the IFBB these days. Bob and Tash plan to marry in Vegas Oct. 1, the day after serves as emcee during Olympia Weekend; meanwhile, Jackson married Rebecca, his girlfriend of 2 ½ years, and they flew out to Japan afterward for a honeymoon. “I (was) guest posing in Japan anyway, so I thought it would be a good idea to extend our stay, enjoy the time together and have our honeymoon before returning,” he said. Jackson is currently preparing for the Europa Super Show August 26, where he aims to better his second-place finish last year by one spot.

GROWING SEASON After competing in her final figure show only two months ago, Cathy LeFrancois muscles have grown at such a rate that at four weeks out from her reemergence as a bodybuilder onstage, she now stands at an amazingly lean 25 pounds heavier. Her reintroduction to heavy lifting has been as good to her, but could prove to be bad for her rival competitors at the Atlantic City Pro September 22, where she will unveil her flourishing new physique. “It feels a little strange to be growing at such a rate, especially when dieting, but all the muscle I am accumulating is keeping my metabolism high enough to lean out at the same time,” she says. Just where she’ll figure into a lineup all vying for a Ms. Olympia qualifying spot the very next week in Vegas is an intriguing story to watch.

HE’S GOT IT COVERED Daunting pictures of Dennis Wolf have been floating around cyberspace as he prepares for his first pro contest, the Europa Super Show August 26.

Wolf has already made the cover of FLEX (March 2006 issue) and has used this as a motivational tool to drive his training and diet. “To see myself on the front cover of the very magazine I grew up reading was a huge honor, and I promise it will not be the last time I experience that feeling,” he says. “I hope to make such an impact that I will be asked to be the model for another cover!” If he finishes in the top three, his next stop will be the Mr. Olympia stage, which is always an impressive achievement, rookie or not. (The accompanying photo is Wolf, four weeks out, and obviously sans Pro Tan.)