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Actress Meagan Good Looks More Than Good in Her Workout Videos

The sexy celeb is putting in work in the gym.

Meagan Good
Albert L. Ortega / Getty

Meagan Good is putting in some HARD work at the gym after taking a three-month break. Her trainer, Mike T. of Force Fitness Inc, who has worked with other big names like Kendall Jenner and Taraji P. Henson, says that Good wasn't a fan of the gym when she started her fitness journey with him over a year ago; though she set her mind to it because she wanted to be physically prepared for any opportunity that might present itself. 

The 36-year-old actress has been on a roll, posting her intense workout videos to her Instagram page. In the videos below, she's seen doing everything from hanging legs raises to cable rows and even walking lunges on a treadmill. Although she's definitely getting in a full-body workout, she seems to be paying extra attention to her abs. Good also posted a throwback video of some serious couple goals with her and husband DeVon Franklin getting in a hard workout together.

In one of the videos, her trainer asks her, "How are you feeling today?" to which she responds, "I'm feeling good. Trying to get this waist smaller, tighten up, get back to how I was, but better."

Take a look at her workouts below to get some inspiration for your next training session. 

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