Celebrity Trainer:

Rob MacIntyre is the trusted trainer of WWE performers Nikki Bella and John Cena, amongst other celebrities.

Dream Job 

“I’ve been interested in learning about fitness and nutrition since I was young, and I’ve always enjoyed helping people. My favorite part about being a trainer: Having a client tell me, ‘I never thought I would be able to look like this.’ ” 

Beginner Advice

“It’s important when you’re first starting out to take the time to learn the right form. There are literally thousands of exercises, but you don’t need to do everything from the start. Simply focus on moving correctly and in the proper range of motion before you start going too crazy with weight.” 


“People underestimate the importance of sleep and recovery. Without it, your body won’t progress.” 

Tech Friendly

“I was having difficulty getting data back from remote clients so I developed a Web/mobile app, Mogy, for trainers to collect and analyze data and create effective programs.” (mogy.me


“In my free time I listen to music, play drums, read, and hang out with my German shepherd, Argus.” 

Perfect Partner

“When dating, I look for a woman who is intelligent, independent, has a sense of humor, and will be patient with me.” 

Pushing Ahead 

“If you’ve been lifting a while, keep challenging yourself with new goals or you will stagnate. You need to constantly push yourself.” 

Silence Is Golden 

“I actually don’t listen to music myself when I’m working out. That may seem strange, but working in a gym sometimes you need a break from loud music!” 

Training Time 

“I work out four to five days a week; although sometimes I have to squeeze in my workouts between clients or appointments. Twice a week I’ll focus on lower body and Olympic lifts, twice a week I’ll work upper body. I train more like a strength athlete than a bodybuilder.” 

Pet Peeve

“My biggest pet peeve at the gym: seeing people on the floor who are texting, not training.” 

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