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Jessika Carr is WWE's First Full-time Female Referee

She'll be an essential part of the Mae Young Classic.

The "Women's Revolution" continues.

As part of its coverage for the Mae Young Classic starting next week, WWE released a video introducing Jessika Carr. She is officially WWE's first full-time female referee.

Carr actually started out as a performer, having been trained by the legendary Dudley Boyz. She was then asked by NXT General Manager William Regal if she was interested in being a referee, to which she gladly accepted.

Carr also rejects the idea that referees are insignificant compared to performers, saying "I guarantee you, we're just as important. We're that third person in the match."

Ultimately, Carr is proud that she's making history in the WWE. She'll also be one of the referees for the Mae Young Classic.

The first four episodes of the Mae Young Classic will be available on demand on the WWE Network starting Monday, August 28.