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Kate Upton's Warmup Includes 'Banded Twerking'

Taking note of that while planning our next legs day.

Kate Upton
Alessio Botticelli / Getty

Kate Upton is no stranger to a good workout, and lately it seems that the only place we ever see her is in the gym with trainer Ben Bruno.

She was back at it again on Sunday, as she did a workout that included multiple forms of dancing, as well some "high-intensity interval texting". Now, that's our kind of weekend workout routine.

Bruno posted the workout on his Instagram account in a video that featured Upton and her dogs, who were keeping watch and "planking" while Upton texted away:

The best part of the video and image posted by Bruno is probably the fact that we discovered that Upton's warmup for the Sunday (or should we say fun day?) workout was "banded twerking". We're not 100% sure what that move looks like, but there's hope that we'll get to see a video from either Upton or Bruno at some point. After all, they're clearly not shy about sharing.