Whether she’s blasting offset lunges in leopard leggings or performing feet-elevated hip thrusts in a gym outfit that matches her weights, Kate Upton is no stranger to crushing her workouts in style. 

Her latest session with celebrity trainer Ben Bruno was, of course, no exception, but this time Upton took things to the next level in a way that only a Sports Illustrated cover model could—by taking her workout poolside

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“Normal people: ‘What a beautiful day. Let’s lay out by the pool,'” Bruno captioned the video of Upton performing a set of deadlifts using a flywheel machine. “@kateupton and me: ‘What a beautiful day. Let’s deadlift by the pool.’ Normal is boring,” Bruno added to the end of his Instagram post.

Now that, ladies and gentlemen, is how you win at summer.

If you want to get fit like Upton (whether you work out by the pool or in an actual gym), check out our guide on how to execute the perfect deadlift and our five-move workout to sculpt strong, lean legs

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