I’ve never been huge on New Year’s resolutions, but I do see January 1st as a time to clean the slate. Each year I strive to be better than last while setting goals to accomplish in the coming months. Fitness is top of the list for most, whether it be weight loss, muscle gain, or somewhere in between. Who hasn’t been to a busy gym in January? Everyone wants to live a healthier lifestyle. Admit it, we’ve all been “that person” who wants a specific goal in an oddly short amount of time. Whether it be losing 20 plus pounds in six weeks, eliminating carbs cold turkey, or working out five days a week; less than three months later it has all gone down the drain. Why is that? You’ve come to realize your goal may be unattainable, become frustrated and discouraged, and then quit. Instead of opting for failure, here are some ways to achieve success.

Set an attainable goal. I’m a huge proponent in shooting for the stars. Try breaking that larger goal into smaller bits. By setting benchmarks and celebrating those small achievements you are more likely to stay the course. Celebrating every five pounds lost versus waiting for the full 20 is certainly more rewarding. I personally set monthly, quarterly, and yearly goals but daily or weekly periods can be used as well.

Be honest. Eliminating multiple items from your diet overnight or working out like you did as a teen is much harder to do than it sounds. A major overhaul is a direct route to falling off the wagon. Create a plan to make moderate changes over time. Your body and mind will thank you for it.

Write it down. Having a constant reminder of your goal will help to keep you motivated. Post it where you can see it or share with a friend to hold yourself accountable. Plus those who write down a goal are 10 times more likely to reach it.

Assess your schedule. Your day to day commitment can help you evaluate whether or not your goal works for you. Perhaps you can only make it into the gym three times a week instead of five. Aim for that and increase when time permits.

Keep track of progress. No one expects you to complete a half marathon if you get worn out just taking the stairs. Document your starting point with pictures, write in a journal, and use a training log. As you progress you will be able to see exactly how far you have come.

Setting a realistic goal can make life much easier. Fitness does not have to be stressful, as the journey should be an enjoyable experience. Ultimately you will learn and grow as an individual as your power forward. Resist the urge to quit by celebrating along the way. The work doesn’t end once you cross the finish line. Now the maintenance process begins. Establishing new habits will lead to longer lasting results after you’ve reached your final benchmark. Of course by then I’m sure you’ll have a new goal in mind. Adapting this style of approach will have you as the lone warrior after everyone else has given up. That seemingly large goal is now a manageable task. Get after it GOAL-GETTER!

B-Healthy, B-Strong, B-AMAZING – xoxo BB

Bianca Berry
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