As one of the most outspoken individuals in sports entertainment, Alexa Bliss has made a name for herself as a heel, while still remaining a fan favorite. “How does she do it?” you may wonder. Well, it all came about as a result of some sage advice from long-time Head Scout of WWE Talent Development William Regal. 

A couple of years ago when Bliss was just getting into the business, Regal gave her what others may see as shi*ty advice—he told her, “Just people-watch,” Bliss says. “That was his advice. To watch people. Look at them carefully. Study them. And take note of what annoys you the most.”

She didn’t fully understand his advice back then, but now she sees why it was one of the most important things anyone has ever told her. Today, Bliss puts that advice to use by annoying the crap out of people and evoking a negative reaction in fans. 

“I enjoy seeing how many boos I can get,” she added.

At 5′, it’s easy to underestimate her. But with such a big personality, she’s hard to ignore. 

Now, after a year’s stint on SmackDown Live, Bliss is crossing over to Monday Night Raw, bringing her spunk and attitude along with her. 

We can’t wait to see her in action.