Begin in child’s pose (sitting back on your heels, arms reaching straight out in front, forehead to the ground). Hold about 10 seconds, then walk both hands about six inches to the right, feeling the stretch through your left lat and shoulder; hold 45 seconds. Walk hands to the left and hold 45 seconds.


Sit on the floor, your legs extended to either side, feet flexed. Reach your chest toward the floor, bringing arms forward. Hold one minute. Option: Do this stretch standing, legs straight, reaching your palms toward the floor between your feet.

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Lie faceup on floor, legs extended. Pull right knee toward chest, keeping left leg on floor. Lower right knee to the left, pushing gently on leg with left hand; keep shoulders planted on floor. Hold one minute; switch sides.


Kneel facing away from a wall with your right knee bent in front of you at 90 degrees, left knee on floor (use a mat or pillow under knee if necessary), the top of your left foot on the wall, with your shin as close to parallel as possible to wall. Hold for 1 minute; switch sides and repeat.


Lie faceup on floor with right ankle on top of left knee. Grasp the back of left thigh, pulling toward your chest. Hold for one minute; switch sides.