With the arrival of the Fall season and the cold-weather that’s about to ensue, I’m wrapping up my outdoor Grilling series!! (Don’t worry, the Fall recipes are scrump-diddlyum-tious!). With that said, we’re going out with a sweet n’ salty combo that’s guaranteed to knock your socks off (I welcome all photos to prove this)! That’s right…I’m combining the sweet taste of pineapple with the lean ground turkey that we have all come to know and love for a flavor that’s sure to please those taste buds. But first, as usual, did you check out ( the first two recipes of this Grilling series)? If not, check them out for an incredible Grilled Kabobs recipe along with some helpful tips for grilling safely and a delectable ( Guiltless Apple Crisp ) (yes, it’s grilled!!). Ok, now that you’re a grilling expert, let’s gets to cooking!

Grilling is so easy, fun, and the clean up is a cinch! In addition, there is so much room for creativity and it is a super healthy way to prepare your food. These turkey burgers are so juicy and flavorful, you won’t want to weaken the taste with a bland old bun, but if you choose to do so – be my guest! As for me, I’m preparing them naked, er sans the bread.

With that said, let’s get started. It’s all here for you and ready to go. Each Alli’s Slim Pickins recipe provides detailed ingredients, nutritional information, and step-by-step instructions on how to prepare each mouth-watering meal! Come on my grilling gurus, let’s make it happen…


20-oz package extra lean ground turkey
2 TB liquid aminos (such as Bragg)
¼ cup red bell pepper, chopped
¼ cup red onion, chopped
¼ tsp ground black pepper
1 tsp thyme seasoning
4 pineapple slices, approx 1/2 inch thick

How to Prepare
1. Preheat the grill to medium-high.
2. Combine ground turkey, liquid aminos, pepper, onion, black pepper, and thyme in large bowl and mix thoroughly until all ingredients are well distributed.
3. Divide turkey mixture into 4 equal portions and form into burger patties.
4. Put on a plate; grab the 4 pineapple slices and head to the grill.
5. Place the burgers and the pineapple slices on the grill (the pineapple will cook for the same amount of time as the burgers to soften up and get that yummy smoky flavor).
6. After approximately 8 minutes, flip the burgers and the pineapple slices (the underside should be nice and brown).
7. After approximately 4 minutes, place one pineapple slice onto the top of each burger.
8. Cook for an additional 3-5 minutes, or until burgers are cooked thoroughly and no longer pink in the center.
9. Turn off the grill. Using a long spatula, carefully remove the burgers from the grill (don’t lose those pineapples!) and onto a plate.
10. Eat ‘em up! Yum!! Enjoy

slimpickinslogo.jpgNUTRITION DATA
Per burger (makes 4 burgers): 185 calories, 33 grams protein, 9 grams carbohydrates, 2 grams fat.

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