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Picture this; you’re headed to the gym after a long day, you want to get in your reps, your cardio and maybe some squats for good measure, but you realize you’re out of pre-workout. Which means you’re also out of post-workout. Bummer. Now you’ll have to make a stop at your local nutrition center (if they’re open) and the traffic is already atrocious. OR, what if your gym had your pre and post workout at the gym, ready to go for you. And what if that pre and post workout shake was from Quest Nutrition? What’s happening at certain 24 Hour Fitness gyms. Several 24 Hour Fitness locations now feature Quest Bars, Beyond Cereal Bars and Quest Protein Powders. As of now, the program is only available in certain areas, but could catch on locally. 

Quest Mocha Chocolate Chip Bar
Quest Nutrition

Quest Nutrition is really excited about the partnership and has already done several exclusive tasting events in local L.A. 24 Hour Fitness locations. That’d be pretty cool, to be working out and then be treated to free, unreleased Quest Bar flavors, right?  

The convenience of being able to easily pick up a pre or post workout protein boost isn’t a new idea. Most gyms now have smoothie bars and nutrition centers, but with brands like Quest Nutrition jumping on board, your gyms could transform into a one stop-fitness shop. Best of all, you can avoid the mini panic attack that follows after you discover you left your Protein Powder Sachet or favorite Quest Bar flavor at home. Because life is tough enough without worrying about where you’ll get your next protein fix.

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