Burn More Calories Jumping Rope

Fire off more than 150 calories in 15 minutes with a combo of jumping rope and full-body conditioning moves.

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Rope jumping is one of the fastest ways to scorch calories while building stamina, power, and speed. Plus it improves both agility and coordination—skills that will assist you in many other areas of sports, fitness, and daily life. So why don’t more of us pick up a rope and start skipping?

“People are still often intimidated by the idea of jumping rope, especially if they don’t think they are ‘good’ at it to start,” says Tim Haft, creator of Punk Rope workouts and a trainer based in New York City. Haft’s popular Punk Rope group classes, which mix rope jumping with conditioning drills, are designed to take out some of that intimidation factor by placing an emphasis on fun drills. And by keeping the rope jumping down to two-minute intervals, you won’t get gassed out as easily, he adds.

Haft’s 15-minute jump-and-burn circuit is perfect for even crazy-busy days when you don’t have time to get to the gym or squeeze in a full workout. It mixes short jump-rope intervals with body-weight moves that’ll work every muscle while blasting more than 200 calories. Time permitting, start with a five-minute warmup (light jog or dynamic stretches like high knees, butt kicks, shoulder rolls, etc.) and end with five minutes to cool down and stretch. Give it a try whenever you need a fast workout or want a little extra burn on cardio day.

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