From beer yoga to a “fitness” class where you nap for 45 minutes, there’s always some new trend in the fitness world that takes over social media, whether it be for a day or a few weeks. Sometimes, it can be hard to distinguish what actually works from the stuff that isn’t going to make a dent in your fitness goals.

Well, we found something that actually works. And how do we know that? We tested it for ourselves.

ChaiseFitness (which so far only has locations in New York and New Jersey) combines Pilates, ballet, strength training, and even a bit of high-energy cardio, to target all the major muscle groups you want to shape—like your abs and glutes, for example—while also managing to work the ones you probably haven’t used in your other regular routines.

Chaise Fitness Class
Courtesy Chaise Fitness

During a class at Chaise, you’ll use overhead bungees, a specially designed chair (with a resistance lever that will change the way you think about lunges), and a small exercise ball for various circuits that progress throughout the class—the glute circuit in particular will definitely leave you sore the next day.

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Check out the video below, featuring mother-daughter founding duo Lauren and Rachel Piskin, to get an idea of how the workouts are structured:

While you might not be lucky enough to live in an area with a ChaiseFitness studio, you can use their techniques as inspiration to freshen up your workouts with a new piece of equipment.

Consider adding medium-sized bands, TRX Suspension Trainers, stepping up on a bench, or adding a barre class to your regimen to work muscles you’re not utilizing in your regular routine. You can also check out Chaise’s on-the-go virtual workout series, “Reinvent You,” a four-part series that promises an intense total-body muscle burn from your living room (or just about anywhere else).

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