What if you could take a molecule—a molecule already abundant in your body—that would boost alertness, exercise performance, recovery, and metabolic health?

What if this molecule had 13 years of clinical research behind it? Not just animal and test tube studies, but dozens of high-quality human trials showing safety and efficacy.*

What’s the molecule, you ask? The molecule is H2.

H2 is simply free molecular hydrogen. This free hydrogen is added to water to create hydrogen-rich water (HRW).

The first question most have is “What exactly is hydrogen water? Doesn’t water already contain hydrogen?”

It is true that there are two parts hydrogen in a water molecule, but when attached to oxygen, the properties are not the same as when the hydrogen is delivered freely on its own. Basically, you only get the therapeutic benefit when the molecular hydrogen is in its own form, not attached to anything else.

Adding hydrogen to water is like adding carbon dioxide bubbles, but with health benefits. When attached to oxygen in the form of water, none of these therapeutic effects exist.

Why Hydrogen Water?

Research on this topic has exploded over the last 13 years, with 1500+ publications and close to 100 clinical trials demonstrating a therapeutic benefit of molecular hydrogen, with the most prominent results being when it’s dissolved in water.

For athletes this has led to improved performance, faster recovery, and improved health outcomes across 23 published clinical trials and case studies.

Preclinical research has shown that molecular hydrogen first raises oxidative stress during exercising, maximizing the hormetic stress response, then quickly helps your antioxidant system to jump into overdrive once exercise completes leading to faster recovery.1 In a nutshell, it is spiking the beneficial exercise induced stress we generate while exercising but leading to a faster recovery. When you consume molecular hydrogen you are maximizing the benefits of your workout but recovering quicker.

Drink HRW Rejuvenation H2 Tablets: Create Hydrogen Water Instantly

The world’s first open cup hydrogen tablet. Used by pro-athletes and clinically-validated to improve markers of exercise performance and recovery.

Our recent study, published in 2020, showed that taking Rejuvenation improved alertness in sleep deprived individuals equally to caffeine, without the side effects.2

Take Drink HRW Rejuvenation Tablets for that extra boost towards mind and body greatness. Dominate your workout, game, or competition. And get back out there faster.

Do More With Hydrogen

Boost your exercise capacity with molecular hydrogen. In one study, Drink HRW tablets significantly improved cardiorespiratory fitness (VO2 max) and increased time to exhaustion vs. placebo.3 Many professional athletes have adopted Drink HRW to gain an edge over the competition.

H Is for Harmony

Researchers call hydrogen a “master regulator” because it brings many processes in the human body into harmony.4 Thirteen years of clinical research show that molecular hydrogen has rejuvenative effects, including improvements in energy, exercise capacity, and metabolic health. Used by pro-athletes and regular folks alike, Drink HRW tablets employ a uniquely effective system to deliver molecular hydrogen to your cells, adding to the hydrogen naturally present in your body.

Speeds Recovery

Excess buildup of lactic acid during exercise makes recovery slow and painful. Hydrogen-rich water has been shown to reduce lactate levels at high exercise intensities.4

Enhances Aerobic Fitness

One human trial found that Drink HRW Tablets improved cardiorespiratory fitness (VO2 max) vs. placebo.3 Another found that Drink HRW lowered heart rate during exercise, a sign of enhanced aerobic performance.6

Mitigates Training Stress

Overtraining leads to excess inflammation and oxidative stress in your body, which can impair recovery and accelerate aging. Research shows that drinking hydrogen water helps restore cellular harmony and balances excess stress.4


Used by Pros

Dozens of professional athletes have officially endorsed Drink HRW to perform better, recover faster, and gain an edge over the competition, while hundreds of others have incorporated the Drink HRW tablets into their routines, unofficially. Drink HRW is leading the way in the industry, everywhere from the support of research teams world wide, regulatory approval, and the hundreds of professional athletes already using Rejuvenation – No easy feat in leagues like the NFL, NHL and UFC.

“Been using Drink HRW pills on my water and trust me water is powerful again!”
– Chito Vera, Professional MMA Fighter

Roger Snipes

See why @rogersnipes, British bodybuilder, fitness model, fitness competitor and fitness trainer is using Drink HRW’s Rejuvenation Molecular Hydrogen Tablets.

Walt Harris

See why Walt Harris @thebigticket205, MMA fighter, currently competing in the Heavyweight division of the Ultimate Fighting Championship is taking Drink HRW’s Rejuvenation Molecular Hydrogen Tablets.

Clinically-validated Hydrogen Delivery System

Drink HRW tablets, are a patent-pending open-cup delivery system, providing the highest dosage and concentration of hydrogen water of any product on the market. Clinically shown to improve markers of metabolism, energy, exercise capacity, and recovery. Simply dissolve in 12-16 oz water, wait 1-2 minutes, and drink up.

Rejuvenation hydrogen tablets have achieved the gold standard of regulatory approval, receiving a no objection from the FDA as a new dietary ingredient; a status only an estimated 4% of ingredients have achieved. Additionally, rejuvenation is safe for athletes, having been tested and certified by Informed Sport.

Drink HRW created the tablets to solve problems.

Problems like low energy, fatigue, and exercise impairments that creep up on people as they age.

Years ago, Alex Tarnava, CEO of Drink HRW stumbled on the fascinating research on molecular hydrogen. But nobody was making a product with a high enough concentration of hydrogen to mimic the incredible results seen in clinical trials.

And so he created Drink HRW Rejuvenation tablets to deliver clinical doses of molecular hydrogen to athletes, weekend warriors, and health optimizers of all stripes. This was a research-backed product he could stand behind. No crazy marketing claims. Everything grounded in truth and science.

Since then, Drink HRW has become the standard hydrogen water tablet used in clinical trials, loved by professional athletes and thousands of customers alike. So grab your Drink HRW tablets, pop one in some water, and level up your mind and body.

Ready to try Hydrogen Water? Head over to DrinkHRW.com




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