Chinese food is a caloric bomb waiting to destroy your physique. Pay special attention to portion sizes, how the dish is prepared, and the content of the sauces—many contain more sodium and/or sugar than you should have in an entire day.

Brocolli Chicken

Yes: Ginger Chicken with Broccoli

The sodium in this dish is fairly high, but for a guy on a bodybuilding diet, it’s hard to beat a protein-to-fat ratio like this in any restaurant.

Calories: 470

Protein: 59g

Fat: 11g

Carbs: 38g

Sodium: 2,330mg




No: Crispy Honey Shrimp

It would be easy to be lured by 26 grams of protein here, but that still doesn’t justify 38 grams of fat and 53 grams of carbs. You can do better— hands off!

Calories: 660

Protein: 26g

Fat: 38g

Carbs: 53g

Sodium: 2,070mg




Maybe: Sesame Chicken

This isn’t a terrible choice (68 grams of protein never is), but 36 grams of fat is a tough sell, and the carbs are the knockout punch.

Calories: 790

Protein: 68g

Fat: 36g

Carbs: 50g

Sodium: 1,340mg