Remember the USDA Food pyramid? It was posted by the lunch line in your school cafeteria and taught to you in nutrition classes. The government’s official position on how you should eat to be fit and healthy included recommendations to consume up to 11 servings of pasta, bread, and crackers per day, limit meat and eggs to three servings only, and count potatoes as a vegetable. Yeah…don’t eat like that.

The Food Pyramid was so misleading and inaccurate that eight years ago it was replaced with MyPlate, an improved but still flawed approach to fighting obesity. To be fair, the government’s nutrition advice was aimed at the average American who only desires to be in average shape. As an M&Fer who wants to be big and ripped, you need an entirely different approach.

To that end, we’ve created the M&F Food Pyramid (above), an easy visual guide to eating for physique enhancement and performance. See below for info on how we designed it, and tips on how to use it.