1: Weigh food with a scale. Don’t eyeball or use measuring cups unless you’re on the road/at a party.

2: Always try to beat your previous workout set performance. The attitude is “always go for more.”

3: If you’re stranded without gym access, without weights, and have already rested too long, do prehab exercises and body weight moves that challenge you. One-leg squats, one-arm push-ups, etc. Why not use the opportunity to focus on the weakest links?

4: Don’t sweat small extras, like some oil in your veggies unless you see a fat gain and are trying to lean out. 

5: Keep track of everything. Feelings, heart rate, blood pressure, weight, temperature, breathing, etc.
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6: Use two kinds of rep ranges: one for strength (1-5 reps), and then for time under tension, which means lower weight but more reps. 35 lbs. with 10 reps is 350 lbs., whereas 6 reps with 50s is 300 lbs.

7: If you cannot get the range of motion you like, drop the weight so you do. Don’t deny you’re doing half-ass work.

8: If you have only 30 minutes to do either weights or cardio, do cardio. Why? I don’t like speed training with weights. Personal preference. And more rest usually equals more strength.

9: Only consume a caffeinated drink pre-workout. I don’t have a morning cup of regular coffee unless I work out after.

10: Get plenty of salt from mustard, broth, etc. Salt doesn’t make me fat, it just makes me hold a little more water. It’s okay. No sodium = lowered performance.

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11: Do unilateral moves, usually first in leg training, because I have one more dominant leg.

12: When you get pain somewhere or something doesn’t feel right, seek out the cause and work it out. For instance, trigger points or too tight muscle fascia.

13: If you want a treat, make sure you know the potential consequences and ask yourself if it’s worth it. 

14: Always psych yourself up by telling yourself you’re strong even though you may not feel like it. Don’t acknowledge lack of energy.

15: When at a restaurant, either special order or pick out the best option and never fall into the “Ah, damn it, it will sabotage my efforts anyway, so why not eat it all?” mindset.

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16: Use creatine and don’t mind the little subcutaneous water retention. It’s worth it.

17: Don’t eat 6 times a day because some people say you should. I eat three big meals and take pre- and post-workout BCAAs.

18: Allow time for your body to change.

19: Never count the calories you burn via weight training.

20: Always keep a food journal and a workout journal.


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