The Rock revealed his Team Hercules 12 Labors meal plan to round out the training and diet plan he followed to prepare for his starring role in Hercules, which opens on July 25. In case you missed the workouts, here they are: back workout, chest workout and arms workout and shoulder workout and legs and calves.

The photo above, courtesy of the The Rock, is of a week’s worth of meals his chef prepared to help him transform into demigod shape. The Rock posted the meal plan below with this message: “Our training is key, but diet is crucial. Here’s my diet I did every day for 6 months while shooting #HERCULESMovie A ton of calories, cause I had to support my 2xs a day training and 12hr shooting days. Plus I only had one crack at making HERCULES EPIC so I committed. Adjust the diet to your personal goals and have fun. Nemean Lion blood is optional. #TeamHercules #ItAllStartsInTheKitchen #FOCUS.”

The Rock wants you to keep him up to speed by posting photos and videos to #teamhercules. Over the weekend, Mr. Johnson also posted this epic still from the movie with this message: “Become the man you were born to be. Seconds before one of the most epic battles you will ever see on screen… #BattleOfTheBessi #ThracianBlood #HERCULESMovie.”