Lose Fat

4 Restaurant Meals We Love

These 4 meals will keep your physique in check when dining out.


Your home. It truly is the safest place for you to be when your appetite comes calling. That's because your kitchen is likely stocked with all the essentials for a lean, muscular physique. Eggs, chicken breasts, sweet potatoes, oatmeal - the list goes on. But what are you supposed to do when you're out?

While your eyes may instantly be drawn to the buffalo wings, potato wedges and apple pie on the menu you're looking at, there are almost always selections you can make that will be better for your physique. You just need to know what to look for. Opt for these selections at popular dining establishments and you can be sure that you're not sabotaging your gains.


Our second-favorite motto here at Weider Publications (after "Go big or go home") is "Bodybuilding fare can be found anywhere." Yes, at McDonald's and yes, even at a greasy spoon like Denny's. We don't want to hear any excuses about how you slipped off your low-fat diet with a steak and a side of onion rings because you couldn't find anything else on the menu. Same for you low-carbers. French fries and barbecue chicken never cut it. To make ordering easy, look at what we found, hidden in plain sight on the Denny's menu.


If you're eating a low-fat diet, you're probably taking in somewhere south of 10 grams per meal. As long as you can navigate past the nachos and fried chicken strips peppering the appetizer menu, you'll be home free. But fat is lurking in other places, like the T-bone steak, which boasts a jaw-dropping 65 grams of fat. Even the tilapia, normally a very lean fish, morphs into a 47-gram fat-for-all when it's given the Lemon Pepper treatment. Stick with the chicken meal and choose as your sides a plain baked potato and a vegetable, like green beans, and you'll stick to your diet. Nix the nachos and order cottage cheese as an appetizer. Besides increasing your protein intake, it will slow down the digestion of the baked potato's carbs, keeping your insulin levels under control.

Item                   Calories/Protein (g)/Carbs (g)/Fat (g)
Cottage cheese    		72/9/2/3
Grilled chicken dinner   	37/27/1/2
Baked potato (plain)    	220/5/51/0
Green beans    			40/2/8/1

TOTAL: 469 calories, 43 g protein, 62 g carbs, 6 g fat

Low-Carb Tips: You may initially be under the impression that it would be easier to eat low-carb at Denny's than low-fat, but allow us to remind you that the breading on all that fried food actually consists of carbs. So, ignoring the fries and the mozzarella sticks, order the steak and shrimp dinner. Just be sure that you're getting the grilled shrimp, not the fried variety.