Lose Fat

Stay Fit on the Road

A complete guide to choosing the right foods for your bodybuilding diet while traveling.


You're in your car with miles to go before you rest ... and before you find a suitable place to eat. What's a growling stomach to do? You could do what most people do and drive through one of the ubiquitous fast-food outlets. Contrary to fit-minded thinking, there actually are options at those bastions of fried foods—mainly grilled chicken, soy burgers and salads—and the good thing is that you'll know exactly what you're getting. McDonald's, Burger King and many other fast-food and pizza places make detailed nutrition data available, either on site or online. If you haven't printed out the info beforehand, ask the restaurant's employees for it—it might be posted in the store or available in a brochure.

The problem is that those grilled chicken sandwiches can get old fast. Which means the family restaurant along the highway might seem like your next best option; at least there you can find the old standby: a tuna sandwich. But wait! The nutrition activist group Center for Science in the Public Interest (CSPI) revealed that a typical deli tuna sandwich can have 720 calories, which is 260 more than the average roast-beef sandwich.

Noting that consumers can't make informed decisions about what to eat when nutritional details aren't readily available, CSPI is campaigning to get the information printed either on the menu or on a menu board in every restaurant. Yet that goal might be a long way from being met, and even if it is, the info might only include calories and saturated fat—hardly the complete data a bodybuilder needs to consider before ordering.