Lose Fat

The Real-World Diet

Get shredded despite your hectic lifestyle with this convenient fat-burning meal plan.



You’re busy. With work or school, family, and a life outside the gym, you just don’t have much time to spend in the kitchen preparing clean meals that will get you shredded. It’s funny, then, that nearly every diet plan you read calls for five or more perfectly balanced gourmet meals. While it would be great to eat an omelette for breakfast, broiled salmon with asparagus and brown rice at lunch, and chicken breasts with broccoli and mango chutney at dinner…come on! You don’t have time to cook all that—during the day or in advance—and you don’t have the plastic containers to carry it all or the fridge to store it in.

Honestly, eating clean to get ripped doesn’t require organizing your whole life around meal times. No matter how busy you are, we’ve got a fat-loss diet that even the president could follow, put together by Mike Roussell, Ph.D., a nutritional consultant living in State College, PA, who runs the Web site Nakednutritioninsider.com. It’s packed with convenient healthy recipes that require minimal cooking time. You can maintain your busy lifestyle and eat healthy on the go without your physique paying the price


Roussell’s meal plans—one is for days you lift and the other is for off days—are about as easy as eating clean can be without relying too heavily on prepackaged, processed foods. The cooking required is simple enough for even the most culinarily challenged guy to pull off, and during the day (when you’re probably either at work or school), there’s no cooking to do whatsoever. If you don’t have time to put some of the meals together in advance, you can throw them in a bag and assemble them lickety-split in any kitchen or cafeteria. Another option would be to pick up the ingredients at a store or deli en route, or better, have someone who can prepare the meals for you.

Not surprisingly, meal-replacement shakes play a major role in the Real-World Diet. You’ll be drinking them twice a day, including during your workout on training days (along with a sports drink) to deliver protein to your muscles immediately and keep you in an anabolic state. So you don’t get bored, Roussell concocted a shake matrix  so you can get all kinds of tasty blends with just a few general ingredients.

The major components of any good diet are covered here: (1) Getting adequate protein to at least maintain muscle mass, which will help keep your metabolism high; (2) Limiting carbohydrate intake to only high-quality sources to eliminate the possibility of empty carbs being stored as fat in the body; (3) Loading up with sufficient fiber throughout the day to increase satiety and fat burning; (4) Including an adequate level of healthy fats through oils, nuts, and lean meats to further enhance satiety and deliver other healthy nutrients; and (5) Introducing a variety of vegetables to provide not only additional fiber but crucial vitamins and minerals, as well.

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