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Testosterone is the primary male sex hormone. It plays a key role not only in the development of reproductive tissue but in the development of muscle mass, bone density and body hair as well. Test boosters are dietary supplements which are created to help naturally stimulate the production of testosterone. T

To help you in choosing the best test booster we present you the Top 10 Test Boosters for 2017.

1- DAA Max by Vital Labs

A product that stands out in all categories with a formula that has been shown in studies to increase free testosterone levels substantially after just 12 days of consistent use. DAA Max’s feedback over the years has shown that this product is not only potent in terms of elevating testosterone and boosting one’s libido, but at its low price it just can’t be beaten. DAA MAX has been an industry favorite for many years. Read all the Reviews Here.

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2 – Sergeant Steel by Assault Labs

Sergeant Steel is the strongest testosterone booster on the market as it combines 16 effectively dosed ingredients that support testosterone increases and estrogen reduction. It’s not often that you come across a product that combines all of the top ingredients and provides you with their proper dosages. Users have been reporting strong increases in libido, strength, sense of well being, muscle hardness, and improved recovery. If you are looking for a no-holds barred test booster, look no further than Sergeant Steel. Real all the Reviews Here. 

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3 – Apex Male by Blackstone Labs

Blackstone Labs combines almost every effective testosterone boosting ingredient on the market into one potent formula. Although we don’t know the exact dosages of each ingredient since its formula is listed under a proprietary blend, the user feedback has shown that people are loving the effects of Apex Male, so much that they are willing to pick up multiple bottles in spite of the premium price tag. Read all Reviews Here

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4 – Viron by Black Lion Research

One of the few testosterone boosters on the market to feature Eurycoma Longifolia, a patented ingredient that was developed at Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) for the treatment of sexual dysfunction and male fertility, Tongkat Ali supports increased sex drive through multiple pathways, including boosting one’s free testosterone levels. Great as a standalone testosterone booster and a staple in many people’s post cycle after an anabolic cycle. Read all the Reviews Here. 


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5 – Anabolic Triad by Platinum Labs

One of the more unique products to make the list as it combines two powerful ingredients from two different categories, utilizing the natural anabolic Laxogenin with the testosterone booster Bulbine Natalensis. The combination helps to increase testosterone by up to 347% and protein synthesis by up to 200%. Read all the Reviews Here


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6 – Anabolic Matrix by IronMag Labs

IronMag Labs brings together a fully loaded testosterone booster that also supports increased growth hormone levels while decreasing estrogen levels with a combination of 8 ingredients. Users have reported solid body recomposition results, dropping body fat while increasing strength, and loving the reasonable price tag. Read all the Reviews Here

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7 – Test1fy by Olympus Labs

Test1fy comes in with one of the most unique formulas containing ingredients that not only support testosterone increases and lean mass gains, but also help in increasing hunger making it the perfect addition to anyone’s natural bulking stack. It is overall a well rounded and potent formula making it perfect for anyone, from newbie to the seasoned veteran. Read all the Reviews here

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8 – Testoshred by EPG

Testoshred stands out as a muscle hardening testosterone booster as it first combines 3 clinically studied and effective testosterone boosting agents with the powerful estrogen reducer Arimistane. The addition of Arimistane helps to prevent the conversion of testosterone to estrogen resulting in higher testosterone levels, while increasing muscle hardness and reducing body fat. Read all the Reviews here. 

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9 – Forged Methyl EAA by Transform Supplements

Forged Methyl EAA stands out as it has a special concentrated derivative of D-Aspartic Acid (DAA) which is touted as being 50 times more effective than normal DAA. The formula is so strong that Transform supplements had to put an estrogen blocker as when your testosterone levels get boosted very high, your body will start to convert it to estrogen. It comes with a hefty price tag but many users have considered it to be one of the strongest on the market. Read all the Reviews here. 

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10 – Testabol by Gen X Labs

Testabol boasts being one of the strongest libido boosting testosterone boosters on the market, with a formula that has been shown to increase testosterone levels by up to 347%, combined with yohimbe bark for a strong boost in the bedroom. User’s have reported that effects are so powerful that they feel like a teenager once again. Read all the Reviews Here

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