If you’re anything like us, you wake up in the morning and begin to think about ways to make sure you’re hitting your macros—especially when it comes to protein.

“How much more protein must I eat today?” you ask yourself, looking up every resource known to man (check out our handy guide here). Two or three shakes plus a few protein bars later…and you’re still left needing to devour a small child before bedtime (if you actually want to hit that 1.5g per body pound ratio).

People who go into bodybuilding, even just as a hobby, might fall into this trap quite often if they’re not armed with the proper knowledge. Sure, you know chicken has protein but you also need to be aware of the quality of protein and the bioavailability of it. That being said, trying to reach that magical number (whatever it may be for you) is a lot easier said than done.

So what do you do? Pick up a rotisserie chicken from Boston Market and chow down? Good news is you don’t have to go that far. If you’re looking to squeeze in an extra 60-80g a day, here’s a list of seven unsuspecting, everyday foods that you can boost with protein powder.