Weight training with intensity is only one of the variables that goes into stimulating muscle growth. When your goal is to maximize results, you not only have to add quality nutrition to the mix, but you also need the proper hormonal environment to support muscle growth.

Here’s what each of these powerful hormones does:

Growth hormone (GH): Our pituitary glands produce human growth hormone, often referred to as “GH,” which supports many important functions in the body. These include increasing muscle mass and bone density, encouraging cell growth and regeneration, and even burning body fat and boosting libido. Once GH is released into the bloodstream, your liver converts it into crucial growth factors including insulin-like growth factor-1 (IGF-1), which has many anabolic properties. In addition, enhanced levels of GH are associated with a more youthful appearance.

Testosterone: This quintessential male hormone is derived from cholesterol and released primarily by the testes in males. While it’s responsible for many secondary characteristics in men such as body hair, muscle development, bone mass and even deeper voices, many athletes seek out a boost in testosterone to support physique improvements, while others want to increase energy or libido. Ideal levels of free testosterone support muscle building by encouraging protein synthesis, which leads to greater muscle mass. That’s especially true when accompanied by a weight-training program and a high-protein nutrition plan designed to support muscle growth. 

Having ideal levels of GH and testosterone are essential for getting the best physique results from your training, and Novex Biotech’s Growth Factor-9 and TestroVax were formulated with specific proprietary blends of individual supplements to maximize GH and testosterone levels. In fact, scientific studies back up the tremendous benefits of these formulations, showing their benefits compared to control groups—and even their advantages compared to taking these individual ingredients in different ratios. When you want to maximize results by supporting GH and testosterone, follow the research and include Growth Factor-9 and TestroVax in your training, nutrition and supplement plan.


Recent studies show the benefits of supplementing Growth Factor-9 to enhance GH levels, and TestroVax for boosting testosterone levels. Here’s what the research revealed:

Study up on Growth Factor-9: A combination of amino acids found in the same quantities and ratios in Growth Factor-9 improved serum growth hormone levels eight-fold compared to baseline, and significantly more than in the placebo group. In addition, a seven-fold increase in GH levels was seen 30 minutes after taking a combination of the lysine and arginine supplement. Interestingly, these results were not seen in those supplementing the ingredients individually. What this means, then, is that the proprietary blend of amino acids in Growth Factor-9 boosts GH significantly above the levels found when you supplement these amino acids individually or if you don’t take them at all.

Study up on TestroVax: The active ingredients in TestroVax showed a significant increase in testosterone, raising levels by an average 42% after 12 days of use, and these rises continued for three days after supplementation ended. The study examined a complex of optimized ingredients that included a key concentration of D-2 aminobutanedioic acid. Testosterone production decreases in males as they age, and this effect is compounded by the fact that much testosterone is “bound” and thus unavailable to be used. TestroVax’s formulation increases testosterone levels by including supplements that encourage greater production of testosterone, and those that help free bound testosterone. 


Growth Factor 9 contains a proprietary blend of amino acids and other ingredients formulated to maximize your body’s production and release of GH. Not only do these aminos boost growth hormone compared to supplementing these ingredients on their own, but these ingredients also provide additional advantages, including:

* L-Arginine HCL boosts nitric oxide (N.O.) production.

This amino acid supports N.O. production, a small gas molecule that allows blood vessels to relax, letting more blood, oxygen and nutrients flow through them and to working muscle. In addition to bigger muscle pumps and enhanced recovery from training, arginine also helps boost GH.

* L-Lysine HCL helps convert stored fat into energy.

This essential amino acid ultimately helps you use your body fat to fuel your efforts in the gym. Lysine plays a crucial role in helping your body produce carnitine, a compound that helps convert stored fat into energy.

* Glutamine enhances recovery from intense training.

The most prevalent amino acid in the human body, glutamine supports muscle growth by boosting leucine in your muscle fibers, and it helps to fight muscle breakdown. Ultimately, glutamine promotes growth by supporting immune function and recovery, and increasing GH levels.

* N acetyl L-cysteine supports your circulatory system.

In addition to boosting GH, you can support better more intense workouts by increasing blood plasma and muscle cell volume, additional benefits of N acetyl L-cysteine supplementation. This ingredient in Growth Factor-9 has also been shown to boost the hormone erythropoietin (EP), which supports increases in hemoglobin, hematocrit and the size of your red blood cells.

Bottom line: Growth Factor-9 contains all of the above individual supplements in a proprietary ratio designed to maximize growth hormone production. The study above, conducted at the Pennington Biomedical Research Center at Louisiana State University, confirmed that these ingredients combine to increase GH levels by 682% compared to a control group.


TestroVax contains a proprietary blend of ingredients that support enhanced levels of free testosterone. This blend was formulated to maximize your body’s production of testosterone and to free up as much as testosterone as available so that you can use it to support muscle-building and growth. Here are some of the crucial ingredients found in TestroVax’s potent blend:

* D-asparaginic acid boosts luteinizing hormone and testosterone.

Research shows that this amino acid is a powerful testosterone booster. Scientists postulate that this is because D-asparaginic acid increases luteinizing hormone, a crucial precursor to enhanced testosterone levels. While your body produces D-asparaginic acid, supplementing it allows for greater muscle-building results.

* Fenugreek boosts free testosterone and enhances libido.

Fenugreek passes through your liver, allowing your body to regulate the testosterone it helps produce. Saponins increase the bioavailability of testosterone by boosting free testosterone, the form of testosterone that you can use for muscle building. Fenugreek also binds to the same receptors as testosterone, which supports libido.

* Resveratrol boosts energy and longevity.

This natural compound, found in blueberries, cranberries and grape skins, supports muscle endurance. Supplementing it helps make you more vital and energetic in the gym and out. Resveratrol does this by increasing the amount of mitochondria, the energy cells, found in your cells. A side benefit: studies show resveratrol supplementation helps extend your lifespan.

* Rhodiola rosea boosts muscular endurance.

This plant has been used for centuries to support health by increasing resistance to biological and chemical stressors. Today, Rhodiola rosea is also recognized for its ability to support muscle endurance. It does so by increasing ATP levels and the amount of oxygen in your blood.

Bottom line: TestroVax contains all of these supplements in a proprietary blend designed to provide an ideal amount of testosterone for maximal muscle growth. These individual supplements provide additional benefits as well, but TestroVax’s formulation combines these individual supplements in a quantity and ratio that helps you get the most from your testosterone production.  


When you want to support GH and testosterone levels to maximize muscle-building, pair Growth Factor-9 and TestroVax. Take 4 capsules on an empty stomach first thing in the morning two hours before breakfast, or two hours after dinner before bedtime. Also add in 3 TestroVax tablets daily with breakfast. This combination will support both growth hormone and testosterone levels.

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