What do we really need to say about testosterone that you don’t already know? The ultimate male hormone controls everything from your sex drive to muscle building and helps keep body fat low. One thing you may not know about testosterone is that daily stress from work, personal life, and even workouts can actually lead to lower testosterone levels. And we’re not talking about just the older guys here. Even in your twenties, test levels can start to drop from these stresses. Make sure you keep your T levels topped off with these three supplements.

D-Aspartic Acid

Also known as D-aspartate, this amino acid is produced in the pituitary gland where it stimulates the release of luteinizing hormone, which travels to the testicles and boosts T production. One study reported that men taking D-aspartate for 12 days increased testosterone levels by more than 40%.

Vitamin D

A plethora of new research on this critica vitamin has shown it plays vital roles in more than just bone health. According to researchers at the Medical University of Graz in Austria, subjects with sufficient vitamin D levels had significantly higher testosterone levels than those with lower levels of the vitamin.

Vitamin B12

Known technically as cobalamin, this B vitamin plays a critical role in numerous biochemical reactions in the body including the production and utilization of energy from dietary fat and protein during exercise. This means that it not only enhances energy levels, but it can also prevent fat gain.

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